howto: wordpress 4 cover artIf you own a website powered by the WordPress CMS, or you are a web developer looking to build a WordPress CMS site, you want quick, reliable solutions. HowTo: WordPress 4 is made especially for you — a no nonsense, how-to book that focuses on proven solutions the most common issues you encounter in WordPress.

A comprehensive guide to using the WordPress CMS, HowTo: WordPress 4 was specifically written for the 4.x series of WordPress releases. With 350+ pages and more than 200 screenshots, the book provides you with your best hands-on guide to owning and managing a WordPress website.

Written by Ric Shreves, author of eight open source CMS titles, including the Joomla! Bible and the Drupal 7 Bible, HowTo: WordPress 4 is the first in a new series of ebooks from publisher water&stone digital.

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“I haven’t found a better book to help get users started using WordPress.”

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